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Bright Ideas

Jessica Duemig

Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in to my Speaker Series, Bright Ideas! I’m Jessica Duemig, founder of Bright Strategy + Solutions and and it electrifies me to help people develop in their careers. If you’re listening to Bright Ideas, chances are you’re also one who reads business and personal development books and tunes in to other professional development podcasts. I do all of that too, and what I find is that it’s really easy to tell your story after you’ve hit the apex – or at least what most would consider to be the apex of your career. But what about the in between? What about the real-life part of that journey? In this podcast, I’m speaking with real professionals from different industries, from different parts of the world, at different stages in their careers. We’ll discuss everything from leadership to management and mentorship. We’ll address challenges and obstacles, indecision and settling into your personal paradigm. Some of the content will resonate directly with you; and some may be geared toward someone you know. I invite you to listen, react, comment and share at your convenience. And, as always, if you know someone who has Bright Ideas of their own that should speak with (including yourself), don’t hesitate to email me directly to!Thanks for listening!